The Waldorf salad is quick and easy to prepare, but at the same time it is a dish worthy of the best tables. It also allows to combine many vegetables in a single dish, and not necessarily those we eat every day: celery, apples, raisins and nuts.

WALDORF SALAD, quick and light recipe

I like the Waldorf salad by its refined and glamorous name. I feel like I'm going to eat a dish worthy of the royalty or the most sophisticated audience in the world.

Well, actually, I'm going to explain to you how to prepare a Waldorf salad worthy of royalty. But I also have to tell you that cooking for royalty is not complicated as one would imagine. This salad recipe is very easy to prepare, and the best thing is that it is very quick: it will be ready in a matter of minutes.

After revealing the secret of the Waldorf salad, I also have to tell you where it comes from that name that sounds like so much sophistication. You can share this information at the table when this recipe is served. It never hurts to show others the very high level of general culture that we have hidden in the brain ...

The origin of the Waldorf salad recipe is associated with the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York, and has more than 100 years. That is to say, that in a certain way we are going to try a historical dish. I do not know what you think, but I find it very nice to try something that people liked before the arrival of the year 1900.

Waldorf salad recipe

In the list of ingredients I did not specify what type of lettuce to use for the recipe. Normally French or Roman lettuce is used. I prefer the first one.Learn how to make this delicious salad step by step.Let's heat a pan and toast a few minutes in it. They should only acquire a golden color.

  • Once they cool a little, let's go from the nuts with a mallet, to obtain smaller pieces, which we are going to reserve.
  • Let's squeeze the lemon and preserve the juice.
  • Wash the celery and chop it into very small pieces. Wash also the apples and chop them in cubes, separating and previously removing the branch, the central part with the heart and the seeds.
  • Mix these two vegetables in a bowl and sprinkle them with half the juice. Mix everything well because in addition to flavor, the lemon contributes to the vegetables do not oxidize.
  • Now let's make the dressing. Mix mayonnaise, mustard, cream and a drizzle of olive oil. Reserve.

  • Next, we wash the lettuce and take off a good amount of leaves, because that will be what we will put in the background for the rest of the ingredients, when serving. I pay special attention to the cleaning of this vegetable. After taking off the leaves and cleaning them under a stream of cold water (very delicately), I immerse them for a few minutes in another container of cold water, previously mixed with a good stream of vinegar. The vinegar acid has disinfecting effects.
  • We already had celery and apple in a container. Now we add the seasoning, the raisins, and the pieces of walnut (it is a good idea to reserve some nuts and raisins aside for the final decoration). We pepper to taste and mix everything well. We test a little in case you need to correct the seasoning.
  • Add the mixture to the refrigerator , for a few minutes, while we dry and prepare the lettuce leaves. We will arrange them as a background in the platter or salad bowl that we will use to serve.
  • We take out the rest of the refrigerator mix, and we arrange it on the bed of lettuce leaves, to the center.
  • Decorate with the minced parsley and the rest of the nuts and raisins (those that we had previously reserved).
  • The Waldorf salad is ready. To serve, and to eat.
  • Waldorf salad recipe with chicken

    Before we saw how the Waldorf salad is prepared, original recipe. However, some people prefer this recipe with an additional ingredient: chicken.

    To prepare this version of the Waldorf salad recipe, add a chicken breast to the preparation. This breast can be prepared grilled or grilled. Once ready, you have to cut it into cubes, and add them to the rest of the preparation when mixing the apples, celery, raisins and nuts.

    Ready, now we have a Waldorf salad with a additional protein.

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